Laser Eye Surgery

Description of methods

Eye laser surgery

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Let's help make your dream come true today.

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We will do a preventive check on your eyesight and give you a professional advice.

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Effective and gentle micro cut surgery with fast recovery and no stiches.

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Vision correction with optical implants

Surgical vision correction provides freedom from glasses and contact lenses, with all the benefits of naturally excellent vision.

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Lens replacement operation

Surgery is gentle to the eye tissue.

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Why to choose us?

Eye Centre with the largest experience in the Baltic States

Already in 1999, we were the first to start laser correction and in our practice, we have already used five generations of laser machines. We have mastered all the laser correction methods currently available in the world.

We have improved vision for more than 35 000 patients

With our work, our eye centre has helped thousands of patients and gain recognition from our colleagues in the use of laser vision correction. We have got many followers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Our results are outstanding

There is always a choice in our center! We provide our customers with professional eye surgery with excellent vision guarantee. Bright, contrasting and sharp eyesight with the ability to see all of the 10/10 vision test lines.