prof. Igors Solomatins

Prof. Igor Solomatin

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

Eye doctor. Graduated from Riga medical institute, continued scientific education in Ukraine and received medical doctor degree in Helmholz institute (Moscow, Russia). From 2005 – associated professor of Latvian University. Many years worked in municipal hospitals, leaded the department of eye diseases. Have many scientific publications. Mainly, scientific interest is dedicated to laser eye surgery results analysis. Systematically participates in international professional conferences and presents the results of scientific work. Teaches students of Latvian university medical faculty.

Andrejs Solomatins

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

Marina Kovaļenko

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)
Mūza Petuhova

Dr. Muza Petuhova

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

Maksims Solomatins

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

Dr. Aida Macievskaja

Pediadric ophthalmologist.

Dr. Galina Zabina

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

Dr. Jana Gertnere

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist)

Dr. Irina Repina

Eye doctor (ophthalmologist). Retina pathology

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