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Olegs Č.

Laser eyesight correction for both eyes. I’m really happy about medicine services, info and a way of communication provided for me. Doctors job at time of laser surgery was remarkable! I would highly recommend your clinic to everyone!

Aivi R.

Everything was great and I'm really happy that I decided to do the laser surgery in Dr.Solomatin's eye clinic. If anyone goes to ask me a recommendation I will recommend this clinic.

Pärtel Toompere

It was very positive that the surgery didn't interrupt my daily life the next days.

Käroli Michelson

The next morning the world was clear, my eyes didn't hurt and the eyesight was clear. Spent the day strolling around town with my husband, visiting cafe's and resting in the hotel. A short holiday is always good.

Liisi Värv

Laser eye surgery was one of the best investments I've made! The people there were friendly sweet and kind. The service was super!

Kaspars U.

I have been thinking about laser eye correction for a long time. On a nice day, I figured it should finally be done. I called and applied for a full pre-surgery check. In the clinic I went through all the necessary tests and dr. Andrey Solomatin confirmed that I can make a vision correction. The next day I arrived at an operation carried out by dr. Gertnere. The procedure for both eyes lasted less than 10 minutes, after which I was able to go home immediately. The next morning, I woke up and I couldn't just be happier to see without glasses. I went to a post-operation check after which dr. Gertnere said that everything is as it should be. Two more visits followed a week after surgery and one month after surgery. After almost 20 years I see without glasses again. Now, from time to time, I imagine why I didn't do it faster. Thanks to the clinic staff, dr. Andrei Solomatin and especially great thanks to dr. Gertnere.

Liene J.

Can life change after eye laser correction? YES, it can! Now, when entering the store, I don't have to adhere to a price tag to know how much milk costs. I don't have to be ashamed if I don't recognize someone on the street. I am very, very happy! Was I afraid? No! Indeed, I was not afraid! When the nurse gave me a soothing pill on the day of the surgery, I said, "I am not afraid at all!" "I can't be!" I was very calm because during the in-depth examination, the doctor told me everything in detail and I knew how everything would happen. And many friends had already made eye laser correction, all of them so happy with the results. You can be afraid of the unknown, but if you go to professionals and specialists of their field, there is no reason to fear! And the nurses are so careful and thoughtful! On the day of the surgery I received very good care both - before and after the surgery. After the operation, as I got up from the operation table, I could see the time on the wall clock clearly. Inexplicable emotions! I recommend everyone not to be afraid, because it is worth it!

Evita A.

Prior to surgery I had a full pre-surgery check eye examination performed. After that there was a surgery carried out. The operation in the eye center was executed by SuperLASIK method. Thank you very much for the responsive receptionists, nurses and doctors! Special thanks to dr. Jana Gertnere. Right now, two weeks have passed since the surgery and I see perfectly well. Happier and without GLASSES!

Ilva Ž.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me before / after laser surgery. These are fantastic feelings. I have only one question, why didn't I do it before?! Excellent attitude from staff, doctors and receptionists.

Jevgenijs R.

I'm completely satisfied with the results after SuperLasik surgery. The staff at the eye centre was very interested to explain all the necessary information about the vision correction surgery. Of course, thank you dr. Gertnere for the professionally done work.

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