Kaspars U.

I have been thinking about laser eye correction for a long time. On a nice day, I figured it should finally be done. I called and applied for a full pre-surgery check. In the clinic I went through all the necessary tests and dr. Andrey Solomatin confirmed that I can make a vision correction. The next day I arrived at an operation carried out by dr. Gertnere. The procedure for both eyes lasted less than 10 minutes, after which I was able to go home immediately. The next morning, I woke up and I couldn’t just be happier to see without glasses. I went to a post-operation check after which dr. Gertnere said that everything is as it should be. Two more visits followed a week after surgery and one month after surgery. After almost 20 years I see without glasses again. Now, from time to time, I imagine why I didn’t do it faster. Thanks to the clinic staff, dr. Andrei Solomatin and especially great thanks to dr. Gertnere.